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Advertisement: How to write an advertisement?


Advertisement is a utility letter with informative characteristic, gave to public information. It’s used to inform a receivers about a sale, purchase organized events, losing something, election results, auctions and etc.

Advertisements are generally put in newspapers (their brevity is valued), but an official announcements may be printed and glued into places especially designed for it. Very popular are an advertisements published on the web.

So called “small ads” functions since two hundred years. Originally it concerned a recruitment of employees. Nowadays its function is much wider. Most of the small ads are limited to description of product or service to most basic benefits from purchase. Although, most effective ads additionally include an interpretation element. Good way of analysis and evaluation of ad content is setting yourself in position of a reader (Grzegorczyk 1999: 26).

Well written ad should caught an attention. Distinction of most important words is used for this purpose, picking words, which will caught an eye of potential clients.


  • Gather a specific facts and extra information, and create a message out of it;

  • Write shortly and briefly, especially in press advertisements (you’ll pay less). Every properly chosen words may stimulate a reader action.

  • You can use a sentence equivalents and shortcuts, but remember, that form of transmission should be bright and clear. Shortcuts may lead to situation, in which a reader can interpret this in a wrong way, which will cause an ad to be less effective.

  • Keep an official, impersonal form;

  • Advertisement, should describe a world from the point of receiver view, not a sender. You must put an arguments, which you’ll’’ consider a convincing for a person, you want to reach;

  • Remember about adding a contact details to you.


  1. Header („Advertisement”);

  2. Date (when it was put);

  3. Opening formula (such as „Will sell”, „Will buy”);

  4. Description of ad matter, giving most important information;

  5. Proposed price, information about possibility of negotiation;

  6. Contact details (phone number, e-mail).


Advertisement – example


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