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Academic essay

An academic essay is a written work that meets certain requirements, commonly used in higher education and universities, where it is a part of students’ evaluation.

What is an academic essay?

An academic essay is a form of written work that aims to present and analyze a certain issue or problem in a deep and critical way. The purpose of an academic essay is not only to convey information but also to require the author to develop their thoughts, present their perspective, and argue their position.

Elements of an essay

An academic essay usually consists of three basic elements: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The introduction should contain the thesis, the author’s main point of view, and preliminary information about the topic. In the body, the essay should contain an analysis of the topic, identification of problems, their causes and effects, and a discussion of various points of view. The conclusion is intended to remind the reader of the main ideas presented in the work and the author’s reflections on the discussed issue. Below is a more detailed discussion of the individual parts of an academic essay:

  • Introduction – should contain preliminary information about the topic, thesis (the author’s main point of view), and the context and purpose of the essay;

  • Body – the main part of the essay, where the author analyzes, argues, and presents their position on the discussed topic. This section should include:
    • Analysis of the topic – should cover the presentation of the context and essence of the topic and its connection with other issues;
    • Identification of problems – the author should identify the problems related to the topic and present them in an objective manner;
    • Presentation of points of view – different points of view and arguments of other authors related to the discussed topic should be discussed;
    • Presentation of arguments – the author should present their own arguments, supporting them with examples and evidence, as well as referring to sources.

  • Conclusion – the final part of the essay, in which the author should summarize their thesis, arguments, and formulate conclusions.

Additionally, important elements of an academic essay include:

  • Bibliography – a list of sources that the author cites in the essay;
  • Quotations – references to specific passages from texts by other authors;
  • Examples – specific cases or situations that illustrate the author’s arguments;
  • Critical evaluation – an element of the essay that involves evaluating the arguments of other authors and analyzing their strengths and weaknesses.

Academic essay – requirements

An academic essay is characterized by a series of requirements and standards, such as proper referencing of sources, inclusion of citations, objective analysis of the topic, as well as attention to clarity and coherence of presented arguments. Their fulfillment guarantees that the academic essay is a reliable, logical, and thoughtful study of the problem, consistent with scientific principles. It is particularly important to pay attention to several issues:

  • Understanding the topic – the author should thoroughly understand the topic and the context in which it appears;

  • Precise thesis – the essay should have a clear and precise thesis statement that presents the author’s position on the given topic;

  • Logic and coherence – the author’s arguments should be logically linked and coherent with each other, and the entire essay should form a coherent whole;

  • Richness of arguments – the essay should contain many arguments and examples that support the author’s thesis. The arguments should be well thought out and supported by appropriate sources;

  • Proper use of sources – the author should appropriately use the sources they cite, by critically analyzing them and referring to them in the appropriate way;

  • Linguistic correctness – the essay should be written correctly in terms of language, in accordance with grammatical and spelling norms;

  • Originality – the essay should be original and should not contain plagiarism;

  • Formatting – the essay should be formatted in accordance with the requirements of the given department or university, such as font, spacing, margins, page numbering, and other elements.

Benefits of Writing Academic Essays

Writing an academic essay has many benefits and values for students and people involved in academia. One of the reasons why it is worth writing an academic essay is to develop critical thinking skills. Writing an academic essay requires the author to focus on analysis, critical evaluation, and interpretation of sources. As a result, it helps them to develop critical and logical thinking skills.

Furthermore, it leads to the improvement of writing skills. The author is required to use clear and precise language and to organize their thoughts in a way that convinces the reader. It increases their knowledge and level of understanding of the topic. Conducting research and the process of writing an academic essay requires the author to delve deeper into the topic and understand the given issue.

An essay is also good practice before writing a thesis. Writing an academic essay can help gain the experience and skills needed to write theses and other serious academic papers. It is also a way to achieve higher grades. A well-written academic essay can bring a high grade and help raise the average grade.



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