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If you want to contact us, send a message to the address kontakt@jaknapisac.com. You may find answers to some of your questions in our Privacy Policy or in the Cooperation section. We also respond to messages sent through Facebook.

The administration of JakNapisac.com makes every effort to provide you with a response as quickly as possible. However, sometimes other duties or the complexity of your question may prevent us from replying immediately. Please be patient in such cases. If you haven’t received any message from us for an extended period (even one stating that we can’t assist you), it’s likely due to technical issues, and you should try contacting us again.

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Our Mission

We want to provide you with knowledge and information that most accurately meets your needs. The text should be a response to a very specific demand, hitting the mark precisely.

We strive to ensure the maximum diversity of the texts we have, while also maintaining their high quality. However, quality should not be an excuse for specialized jargon. All information is prepared in a simple and understandable way so that those who use it can easily apply it in practice.

This is what we aim for.