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Email: How to write an email?


Email is a message sent electronically from one Internet user to another. It is used to ask a question, send a piece of information, express ones views, etc.

Correspondence sent via email is increasingly popular for three reasons: it is fast, easy and inexpensive. We write e-mails to our friends, as well as to our co-workers. Communication via e-mail is used in many companies.


  • Email should be short and precise, because scrolling the “raw” text is quite uncomfortable;

  • Key information should be included and emphasized in the message;

  • If the message is to be long, it is better to send it as an attachment, and describe an attachment and what to do with it in the email body;

  • Thanks to the properly chosen subject, it would be easy for a recipient to find a message even after a long period of time;

    How to write an email? Choose subject

  • While writing to your colleagues, you can use an informal language. However, if it is a formal message, it should look professional, just like a short memo;

  • Do not write when you are emotional. You could write something that you would have never said personally;

  • Avoid allusions and joking that could be understood in a different way than you intended to. In private correspondence emoticons can be used to show your mood, but in an official, formal correspondence, it would not look serious and it is not applicable;

  • Style of the statements should be adapted to the recipient- you should use formal style whenever you write to people you do not know, who have a higher position or are older and less formal one to your friends or places where such a style is applied;

  • Use one line spacing between paragraphs. Thanks to this the text will be more readable;

  • Write always from the left. It is because of technology reasons;

  • Remember not to make your text weird and complicated, it could be displayed on the recipient’s screen in a completely different way than on yours;

  • Enter the recipient’s address just before sending the message. Thanks to that, you will not send it unfinished by the accidental pressing of keys;

  • Finally, write what you expect from the recipient.


  • “From” field – contains the name and email address of the sender;

  • “To” field – enter here the email address of the recipient or recipients of the message;

  • The “Copy to” (CC) – here you can enter the addresses of other persons, who will get a copy of the message, or leave the field blank;

  • The “hidden copy” (BCC) – here you can enter the addresses of the persons whom a copy of the message will be sent to, while its other recipients will not see or leave this field blank;

  • Subject – it is an important element of the message. It should interest the recipient and encourage him/her to read the text. It must stand out in order to be picked out by recipient in the abundance of other information;

  • The content of the message:
    1. Courtesies, greeting (“Dear Sir”, ” Dear Madam”, “Hello”, etc.);

    2. The beginning of the message – introduce its main goal, go straight to the facts and name the reason why you have written it;

    3. Development – describe issue thoroughly;

    4. Conclusion – write what you want from the recipient;

    5. Greetings and your signature – use one of the wordings: “Faithfully,” “Regards,” “Sincerely” and sign it;

    6. Footer – possibly company name, contact details.


Email – example 1

Ladies and Gentlemen,

According to the announcement, we are sending guidelines of competency profiles creation with the proposal of profiles for each category. As it was established at a meeting in Krakow on October 15-th, 2014, profiles will be created by You and Your management team until the end of November.

We are asking kindly to send the predefined profiles to Katarzyna Nowak to: k.nowak@mail.com.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Anna Babińska and Katarzyna Nowak

Rekrutacja Sp. z o.o
ul. Polna 2
00-010 Warszawa
tel. / fax: +48 22 777 XX XX

Email – example 2

Dear Professor,

I attended a lecture- “International economic relations”, which was conducted by you in this academic year. I took the exam, but for personal reasons I could not be present when grades were signed. Is there any possibility of meeting you at the university this week or in next one?

Jan Kucharski

Email – example 3

Hey Monica!

In an attachment I am sending a report draft of research concerning unemployment. Please review it and send it back to me along with the comments, Friday would be the best.

Charles Smith



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