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Postcard: How to write a postcard?


Postcards are sent mostly, so they can shortly inform about trip progress and give a proof of remembering about recipient. You can that way (with help of occasional card) submit a holiday, name-day and congratulate wishes.

First post card was sent in Austria in 1869.


  • write shortly;

  • use key words, not a detailed description;

  • put a little character in your text;

  • remember, that content of postcard is public;

  • remember, that postcard is directed to specific person;

  • don’t put postcard in an envelope (unless, it’s a circumstance card).


  1. Date;

  2. Salutation (e.g. “Dear …,”);

  3. Information regarding of place where you write from, weather, sights, accommodation and etc;

  4. Positive summation of your experience;

  5. Encourage your recipient to visit this place, expression of regret, that he’s not present there;

  6. Salutation (e.g. “Love”, “Kisses”) and signature.


Postcard from vacation
May 10th 2014

Dear Anna,

I’m at Athens now. Greece is beautiful and very sunny. I saw many great places. Biggest impression on me did an Acropol. Details after return. I’m sad that you’re not here, you would be hugely impressed.




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