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How to write an email with application documents?

Email with application documents

CV’s and cover letters as well are sent through electronic way. E-mail with an application documents attached, should include only few sentences. When sending a message that way, you should obey few rules.

First of all, you should watch out of non-formal style of statement, which operates on the Web and do not send an application for more than one recipient.

It’s good to create a special email address for purpose of searching jobs. You cc use your name and surname, like e.g. jan.nowak@xyz.pl. It looks more professional rather than e.g. gosiaczek23@xyz.pl. Try to avoid using your current job email address for this purpose.

How should an email look like? You must:

  • Properly title your message header like e.g. including position for which you search for;

  • Using formal language, appropriate words are: “Dear Sir”, “Ladies and Gentlemen”, “Yours faithfully”;

  • Do not use emoticons;

  • Properly title sent application documents e.g. by using your own name and surname (e.g. “CV_Jan_Nowak.pdf”);

  • Include CV and cover letter in attachments using most popular file extensions (.doc, .pdf), using .pdf file extension is recommended, because of its aesthetics;

  • Except CV and cover letter you can send scans of held certificates and etc., while they’re revenant to applied job position.


Email with application documents – example 1

Dear Ladies and Gentleman,

Due to conversation yesterday through phone, regarding job offer of technical advisor application documents.

Simultaneously please confirm getting this announcement.

Jan Nowak

Email with application documents – example 2

Dear Sir,

You can find in attachments my application documents on job position of marketing specialist.

Adam Kowalski



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