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Schedule: How to write a schedule?

A schedule is a tool that allows to plan actions/ tasks in time, which are to be realized within a specific undertaking. Thanks to that, it is possible to quickly read out a period of realization of a given action, as well as of the whole project. Apart from this, there are also e.g. schedules of using executive abilities (taking resources into consideration), which will be discussed in this article.


The schedules technique (also called a technique of Gantt charts or a technique of bar charts) is one of the oldest techniques of planning and controlling realization of an action in time. It was developed at the beginning of 20th century by K. Adamiecki and H.L. Gantt, who elaborated it independently from each other. According to a definition, “planning a course of an action through schedules is made on a two-dimensional chart, whose axis of abscissae (horizontal axis) presents a time axis, and the axis of ordinates (vertical axis) – demonstrates actions that undergo planning or performers of those actions (employees, job positions, etc.)” (Trocki, Grucza and Ogonek 2003: 150).

Preparation of a schedule consists in listing all actions encompassed by planning, their lasting times and a graphical presentation of those actions on a chart. While looking on an illustration of separate actions, you may specify the date of their commencement and completion. Schedules may be developed in neutral or calendar time units.


A schedule is most often present through a chart, therefore its shape will be more understandable, when you get familiar with a pattern or an example. However, you may point the major parts that it is composed from. These are:

  • actions (tasks, acts) – they take a form of horizontal fragments marked on the chart. Their length depends on for how long the actions lasts. When the task is complex, it is divided into minor tasks;
  • lasting time – you need to determine, e.g. in working days, how long a given action will last;
  • realization time – total time that is needed to realize the whole undertaking in accordance with the accepted time unit, e.g. day, week, month.



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