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Congratulations: How to write congratulations?


Congratulations is a written or verbal recognition of someone due to a particular reason. They can be sent because of: passing Matura exams, graduation, promotion, receiving the award, wedding, birth of the child, etc.

They can be formal or casual, depending on whom they were written to. Congratulations are usually quite short.


  1. Sender’s address;

  2. Date;

  3. Recipient’s address;

  4. Salutation (e.g. “Dear Sir”, “Dear Tom!”);

  5. Naming the reason why the congratulations were written;

  6. Giving the recognition to the recipient;

  7. Wishes for the future;

  8. Greeting (e.g. “Yours faithfully”, “Yours sincerely”);

  9. Handwritten signature.

Example 1: Congratulations on the birth of a child

Congratulations – example

Do accept my warmest congratulations on the birth of a son. Krysia must be probably happy to have a little brother. I hope that we will soon meet and I will have a chance to get to know a new member of your family.

Yours sincerely,
Janina Kowal

Example 2: Congratulations on passing Matura exam

Congratulations – example

Dear Kasia!

I am very glad that you were able to pass Matura exam without any difficulty. I had no doubt that it would happen. My earlier concern was due to the fact that success depends not only on ability, but also on luck. You had both. I am very glad and I congratulate You.
I hope that you will not rest on your laurels, and you will find yourself among the students of the Academy of Fine Arts, where challenges and further successes are waiting for you. I hope you visit me soon.

With kisses
Your Aunt Krysia

Example 3: Congratulations on getting a PhD degree

Congratulations – example

Dear Doctor!

I would like to congratulate You on getting a doctoral degree in social sciences. I am sure that Your doctorial thesis will find practical application in the public sector. I also think that Your findings will contribute to the development and strengthening of research on local government in Poland.

I wish You further successes in academic work and in Your professional life.

With compliments
Jan Nowak



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