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Summary: How to write a summary?


Summary is a short description of certain situation, event, book red and etc. It’s used to transform a material into short text, including most important facts. It’s used as well, when we relate something. Very useful in science thesis. You can mostly see summaries of literary texts and science/popular science articles.

Exit point for summary is always some sort of text, with which you have to meet. Don’ discourage yourself, if you won’t understand red text from the start. There are articles, which you have to read two or three times, to fully understand then, and it’s a pretty common thing.

Goal of summary is including most important arguments from original world, in a way, to keep its original meaning. Summary is consistent and firm with author thought in original text, this is not a place for subjective feelings or opinions.

Qualities of a good summary:

  • should be short, concrete and tight;
  • should consider only a topic, you want to summarize;
  • should include most important, basic threads;
  • should constitute the essence of summarized work;
  • should be objective;
  • should describe a events in chronological order.

To do a good summary, you should:

  • carefully read a test output;
  • make a choice of most important tasks from event, which you want to summarize;
  • decide, if selected facts are showing essence of work;
  • try to be objective when choosing;
  • describe main thesis with your own words (noting main thoughts of work during reading should help you);
  • use short, simple sentences.

What to avoid:

  • digression, personal comments;
  • using quotes;
  • quoting dialogs;
  • copying words/text from original (you must summarize it with your own words, no to compile with elements of original).

Example: Book Summary

Summary - Example

Book Summary – example

Novel by Joseph Conrad titled „Lord Jim” is recognized as one of the most outstanding work of world literature. It says about life of a young sailor, which faith put him to a severe test. Book can be divided into two parts: first one, describing an offense of Jim and second, in which author tries to justify a hero in a specific way.

Jim since the youngest years, craved to become a sailor. Father sent him to school, in which he could learn this craft. When he grow up and got an experience, got on a ship called “Patna” as an officer. During cruise, disaster happened. Rusted bottom didn’t withstood an impact, probably with a wreck of different ship, as “Patna” was threatened with drowning. Captain seeing, that there are no enough lifesaving boats for all passengers, decides to save his own life. Not informing a passengers about it, tries to leave a boat with crew.

This all is observed by Jim, which doesn’t participate is this tussle. He realized, that it’s not possible to save passengers, so at least he wants to give them death with dignity and save a view of hell, which could unleash. He looks with contempt on his companions, as he decides to stay on a ship. Although, when dinghy is already on water, he jumps to it under influence of fear.

As it turned out later, ship didn’t sank, but was safely towed to a port. Deserters were indicted. Everyone except Jom, which didn’t even defend himself, tries to get out of the penalty. Jury forbid a possibility of working on ships for him. Since that time, Jim works as a maritime shipping agent. Travels from port to port, running from his infamous past. Thanks to help of a friend, he gets on a Patusan island, where he will manage a business of certain company.

At this moment, second part of history occurs. In new environment, no one knows Jim’s past. Boy is covered with fame around local society. Fight, which he issued to a Tunk Alland, a ruler of an island had an influence on to. He gains respect and puts his own life together. Malays, gave him nickname Tuan, which means lord. Jim finally feels happy, because he found a chance of guilt redemption.

But he have an enemies on island as well. Certain day, armed strangers appeared. Islanders are fighting with the enemies and pushed them to the mountains. Pirates are fighting couple days from there. Their position seems hopeless, but Jim pities them, and let them go. Using its naivety, they attack a village, killing a lot of people, including a son of a leader. Jim for his reckless behavior, is sentenced to death. He could run away again, but he’s not capable of leaving “Patny” island, so he decide to take this punishment. Judgement is made by Doramin, son of a father killed.



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