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Invitation: How to write an invitation?


An invitation is a request to come and take part in a major event, usually an official one. It should express respect towards the person and it should be original.

It is often written on a decorative note cards. You can come across with the invitation sent by letter or via an email.


  1. Place, date (optional);

  2. Header;

  3. The formula of the invitation (e.g. “You are welcome”, “We invite cordially”);

  4. Information who is invited;

  5. The occasion of sending the invitation;

  6. Give specifics as to when, where and at what time the ceremony is to take place;

  7. Who invites.

Example 1: Wedding invitation

Wedding invitation – example


With great joy, we invite
Honourable Mr. And Mrs.

Anna and Wacław Domańscy

for the wedding ceremony of
Dominika Kowalska and Arkadiusz Nowak

which is to take place on June 11-th 2009, at 12:00
in the church of Our Lady of Czestochowa
54, Kościelna street, Wołomin

Bride and groom with parents

Example 2: Invitation to the baptism ceremony

Invitation to the baptism ceremony – example

Dear Anna!

We would cordially invite you to the baptism of our Basia, which will be held on May 5-th at 13.00 in the church of Our Lady of Czestochowa in Wołomin; 54 Kościelna street. After the ceremony, we would like to invite you to a dinner at our place. We hope you to come. Paweł could pick you up from the station, if it is necessary.

Krystyna and Andrzej Kowalski



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