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Comforting letter: How to write a comforting letter?

Comforting letter

Life is not only successful, but also a failure. Sometimes, when someone did not succeed in something, you want a comfort him in some way. Compassion turns out to be another person for various reasons: one does not pass the test, did not get into college, he was unable to successfully deal with some issues, he lost his job, had an accident, was robbed. Words of comfort may take the form of a written, i.e. letter.
Comforting letters usually sent to people who one knows. However, there may also be formal, e.g. The employer shall inform the applicant that he was not admitted to the workplace, the hospital informs the patient to postpone the surgery, etc.
Letter comforting not to be confused with a letter of condolence, which is discussed in a separate article.


  • Keep warm tone of the letter;
  • Try not to describe in detail why you feel sorry for the addressee (i.e. Do not disassemble the prime factors of failure);
  • In private letters, line refers to the emotions;
  • Official letter contains a formula of having someone to comfort, you should not create false hopes that the answer is a definite refusal. However, a bit of compassion will do no harm;
  • Introduce a positive outlook for the future or possibly a proposal to solve the problem, an alternative way;
  • Avoid lofty, grandiloquent phrases that sound artificial;
  • Think well about the contents of the letter, bearing in mind its main purpose, which is to comfort the other person. Do not write the letter, if only it would aggravate the pain.


  1. Sender’s address;
  2. Date;
  3. Salutation (e.g. “Dear Karol” “Dear Mom”);
  4. Referring to the situation, because of which the recipient feel sorry and indicate how you learned about it (found out);
  5. Understanding of the problem, referring to his own experiences and emotions;
  6. Indication of the positive aspects of alternative solutions;
  7. Words of comfort, support and solidarity to express willingness to help;
  8. Salutation (e.g. “Yours”, “Love”) and signature.


Comforting letter – example

Dear Peter,
Your message made ​​me very sad and I am sorry that you did not complete the study. However, do not fall from a horse, only one who ever did not sit on it. I know this is difficult for you, but will to win this title incredibly impressed me. You are someone, who sets itself ambitious targets in which the risk of failure is high. I prefer that if you’re so, than if you settle for something mediocre, which will never allow to realize your dreams.
I think you won’t give up yet, so I wish you to quickly get up, get dusted, and perhaps if you want it, tried again. You have my full support and sympathy for your plans.



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